our Journey 

     From humble beginnings as a van filled with resources in 1969, the Native North American Traveling College (NNATC) was a group of eager Akwesasne youth lead by Dr. Ernest Kaientaronkwen Benedict and Micheal Kanentakeron Mitchell. In those days they were known as The North American Indian Traveling College and would travel between Native communities educating people on what it meant to be Indigenous.  In 1974 the NNATC was established as a non-profit organisation. Little did they know how this idea would blossom into an important and integral part of all modern Iroquoian society. 
     Over the years not only has the NNATC shared knowledge to the general public but has housed many artists, orators, and lecturers who have gone on to be much sought after for their knowledge of Indigenous peoples.  
    Today the NNATC is located on 3 acres of waterfront property in Akwesasne, connecting it to the St. Lawrence river, the back bone of this Mohawk community.  Visitors are welcome to enjoy our facilities that include a museum, art gallery and gift shop.  We continue to promote and preserve Mohawk language, culture and history, not only for our own sake, but to foster a greater appreciation and understanding in outside communities.   


We have a number of publications teaching Haudenosaunee culture and history. The content is culturally based and carefully researched. Here a few books we offer. 

Traditional Teachings

Originally published in 1984, this book is a must have for anyone wanting understanding of the Six Nations people. 


Written by Tom Porter, Clanolgy discusses the Iroquois clan system and it's importance.


Lacrosse the Creators game 
A contemporary history of box lacrosse. From the 1950's thru today

Kaheriio's World Outside

Travel with Kaheriio as he ventures to his world outside.  This children's book is written on both English and Mohawk.

Kaheriio's Lacrosse Stick

The third in the series, Kaheriio receives his first lacrosse stick.  

Traditional Mohawk Clothing

Written descriptions and examples of Mohawk dress throughout the years.

Annual Events

Through out the year the NNATC hosts a number of community events.  Hear are a few of those events.  Watch this site for exact dates and details. 

Art Battle

February 2018
Art battle pits local artist against each other in competition. Who will come out on top?  

Children's Powwow

March 2018
A favorite family event, the Children's powwow helps shake of the cold.  Featured is the Iroquois Smoke Dancing alone with contemporary powwow style by our kids.


May 2018
Translated to Lacrosse, Tewa:araton is a festival that celebrates our long history of lacrosse in the area. Kick off your lacrosse season with us. 

Friendship Days

July 2018
Our oldest running event Friendship days is a must for your summer time enjoyment.  

The Native North American Traveling College has been at the forefront of cultural education and revitalization. Our unique and innovative cultural center publishes books, pamphlets and posters.  Our audio and visual services include sound systems, recordings, and film development.     

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Where You Can Find us

We are located in the beautiful district of Kawenoke, Akwesasne. Also known as Cornwall Island this ancient Mohawk home land is situated within the St. Lawrence river.